Where Is It Legal To Tie Up Your Boat? (What To Look For)

Where is it legal to tie up my boat?

One of the worst boating experiences of my life was when a peaceful weekend quickly became a legal nightmare because I tied my boat in the wrong place. Before setting off, you should always check for legal places to tie your boat to avoid making costly mistakes.  It is legal to tie up your boat … Read more

On Gasoline Powered Boats When Should The Blower Be Operated?

There are a lot of mechanisms on a boat that many people don’t know exactly what to do with. One of these is the blower, a fan in the engine compartment. When should the blower on a gas-powered boat be used? On gasoline-powered boats, the blower should be operated after refueling, before starting the engine, … Read more

What Is a Skiff Boat (Boat Model Breakdown)?

It can be challenging to dive into the world of boating. With so many names, categories, and specifications, you may not even know where to start with learning about boats. Well, we’ve got you covered.  A skiff is a category of different boats that have some common characteristics. Skiff boats are small, open-design boats that … Read more

Why Is Tongue Weight Important When Towing Your Boat? (Safety Guide)

Towing a boat is similar to towing any travel trailer, and you’ll have to follow the same safety guidelines. When towing a boat, you should take special care to maintain the correct tongue weight. But why is it so important?  Tongue weight is important when towing your boat because it determines the weight of the … Read more

What Is the Best Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boats? (Buyers Guide)

Pontoons are great boats for various purposes, including cruising, relaxing, and fishing. You should have a trolling motor on board for many of these activities. However, it can be difficult to determine which motor is best for your boat.    When buying a trolling motor for a pontoon boat, you should look for a motor that … Read more

Best Boat Speakers on the Market (Buyers Guide)

A speaker is one of the best accessories you can get for your boat. Music can make any boating activity better, whether you’re spending the day relaxing, fishing, or partying. If you really want to rock the boat, though, you’ll need a high-quality speaker.  The best boat speakers on the market are weatherproof, powerful, can … Read more

What Is the Best Boat Drift Sock (Best Size for Your Boat)

Boat Drift Socks

There’s nothing like boating or fishing in calm waters, but unfortunately, it’s not something that boating enthusiasts are always blessed with. If you’re in rough waters and you want to control the boat’s drift without running the engine, you can easily do so with a drift socket. However, what type of boat socket is ideal … Read more

Long Shaft vs. Short Shaft Outboard (What Are the Differences?)

Getting the correct shaft length is crucial when getting a new outboard motor. Shaft length can affect your control over your boat, and the wrong shaft length could lead to efficiency problems. But what’s the difference between a long and short shaft, and how do you choose the right one?  A long shaft is anything … Read more

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