What Is The Best Way To Check For Gas Fumes After Fueling A PWC?

Jetski safety

Nobody wants gas fumes to be the reason they had a bad day at the lake/ beach. This alone is good motivation to take the step(s) necessary to ensure the safety of everyone using the vehicle. The best way to check for gas fumes after fueling a Personal Water Craft is to conduct the “smell/sniff” … Read more

What Should You Do To Avoid Colliding With Another Boat? (Safety Tips)

What should you do to avoid colliding with another boat?

Boating is an activity that many individuals find themselves enjoying during the warmer months of the year. Despite the enjoyment, many get from this activity, boating causes many individuals to worry about various things that could put them in danger. So, what should be done in order to avoid colliding with another boat? The easiest … Read more

What Should You Do First If Your Boat Runs Aground?

Knowing what to do if a boat runs aground is a crucial piece of information to have as a boat owner. Whether it’s your boat, or the boat of a friend, knowing what to do can help minimize damages, and help get you back to having fun quickly. Remain calm if a boat runs aground. … Read more

Your Boat Capsizes But Remains Afloat What Should You Do?

Boating is a hobby or a career that anyone can be involved in with the right training and resources. Boating can be fun, however, one common incident is capsizing the boat. When you capsize your boat, the question is, what should we do, especially if it remains afloat? The first thing to do is to … Read more

What Is The Beam Of A Boat (Full Breakdown)

What Is A Beam Of A Boat

Probably the most common way that people describe the size of a boat is in its length, measured at the centerline from the bow to the stern.  You’ll hear boaters talking about their 21, or 19 footers but hardly ever do people focus on the boat’s beam, although it is equally important.  So, what is … Read more

How To Remove Yellow Stains From Fiberglass Boat (8 Easy Steps)

How To Remove Yellow Stains From Fiberglass Boat

Boating is a wonderful hobby that can involve the whole family. The cries of laughter from tubing or skiing during a day at the lake will create great memories for the future. The downside of owning a boat is that it requires constant maintenance to look and operate in top shape. Yellow stains are the … Read more

Best Marine Boat Wax: (Buyers Guide)

Owning a boat can be quite a process, especially when trying to find the perfect boat wax. The right boat wax should make your boat shine and handle the elements of its environment. There is a wide variety of boat wax that you can choose from. Some brands of boat wax will be similar to … Read more

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