How to Build a Boat Seat Box (5 Easy Steps)

How to Build a Boat Seat Box

A boat box seat is a simple task to complete. Many seat boxes or bench boxes are fashioned according to the boat’s type and size. A portable seat box can be placed anywhere. The following steps can be generally applied to building any seat box. The following list is a template for a mobile boat … Read more

How To Attach Tow Rope To Boat: (Towables,Tubing, Skiing)

How To Attach Tow Rope To Boat?

Attaching a tow rope to your boat is essential if you plan to do any type of water sport activity, and knowing how to fasten it correctly is vital. Not only do you need to know how to tie it in terms of what knot to use, but there are also various types of ropes … Read more

How Much Do Boat Wraps Cost?

How Much Does Boat Wrap Cost

Wrapping your boat with vinyl sheets is a quick and effective way to protect and refresh its look to reflect your style or brand. Plus, you do a great favor to the environment when you wrap rather than paint your marine vessel. Wrapping a boat is also significantly cheaper than painting it. How much boat … Read more

What Should You Do if the Motor on Your Boat Catches Fire?

What should you do if the motor on your boat catches fire

If your boat’s motor catches fire when you’re out on the water, it can be terrifying. Knowing that the fire will spread across your expensive vessel is already alarming enough, and worse yet, you might not have anywhere to go. What should you do if the motor on your boat catches fire? You should turn … Read more

What Safety Precaution Should You Take When Hunting From a Boat?

What safety precaution should you take when hunting from a boat

Hunting from a boat can be a great and fun experience, especially if you do it with a friend. It’s an excellent way of spending time in nature while honing your hunting skills, but it may also be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You should be aware of all the potential issues … Read more

How To Tie a Boat to a Dock (Helpful Tips)

How to tie up a boat to a dock

It is important to know how to properly secure your boat to a dock so that it doesn’t drift away during rough tides. It could also become damaged due to rocking in the water and hitting up against the dock or other boats that are tied when not secured correctly, which is something every boater … Read more

How Do Noise and Vibration Affect You When Operating a Boat?

How Do Noise and Vibration Affect You When Operating a Boat

Operating a boat can be as challenging as it is rewarding, which is why operators often have to learn to deal with a plethora of unexpected issues, including excessive noise and vibrations. Though seemingly benign (and often unavoidable), boat noise and vibration can have severe negative impacts on your health and safety, which is why … Read more

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