What Is the Best Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boats? (Buyers Guide)

Pontoons are great boats for various purposes, including cruising, relaxing, and fishing. You should have a trolling motor on board for many of these activities. However, it can be difficult to determine which motor is best for your boat.    When buying a trolling motor for a pontoon boat, you should look for a motor that … Read more

Best Boat Speakers on the Market (Buyers Guide)

A speaker is one of the best accessories you can get for your boat. Music can make any boating activity better, whether you’re spending the day relaxing, fishing, or partying. If you really want to rock the boat, though, you’ll need a high-quality speaker.  The best boat speakers on the market are weatherproof, powerful, can … Read more

What Is the Best Boat Drift Sock (Best Size for Your Boat)

Boat Drift Socks

There’s nothing like boating or fishing in calm waters, but unfortunately, it’s not something that boating enthusiasts are always blessed with. If you’re in rough waters and you want to control the boat’s drift without running the engine, you can easily do so with a drift socket. However, what type of boat socket is ideal … Read more

What Is the Best Boat Shrink Wrap Kit? (Buyers Guide)

If you’ve taken the plunge and bought a boat, you likely want it to last you a long time and will do anything to ensure it stays in as good a condition as possible. One of the most effective ways to protect your boat is to shrink-wrap it.   When you’re looking for a boat shrink … Read more

Best Boat Seat Cleaner (6 Cleaners Reviewed)

If you’ve ever taken your boat out for a spin, you know how important it is to keep everything clean–including the seats. But what’s the best boat seat cleaner to keep your interior shiny and brand new? The best boat seat cleaner is the 303 Marine Multi-Surface Cleaner. This cleaner is specifically formulated to give … Read more

Best Marine Boat Wax: (Buyers Guide)

Owning a boat can be quite a process, especially when trying to find the perfect boat wax. The right boat wax should make your boat shine and handle the elements of its environment. There is a wide variety of boat wax that you can choose from. Some brands of boat wax will be similar to … Read more

Humminbird Vs. Lowrance: (Which Is Right For You?)

Humminbird Vs. Lowrance

This is our comparison of Humminbird vs. Lowrance fish finders We tested a number of fish finders from these two respective companies because asking a fisherman to choose between Humminbird or Lowrance may start up a row. Both brands offer excellent fish finders, and they are renowned for good reason. Consider that one may not … Read more

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