How To Beach A Boat: (Two Must Know Techniques!)

How To Beach A Boat The Right Way

Few things in life are more majestical than going for a boat ride and finding the perfect picnic spot. Beaching a boat might be necessary for other circumstances, however. Therefore, it is important for any skipper, professional or amateur, to have the ability to beach a boat. There are two ways of securing a boat … Read more

2-Stroke or 4-Stroke Marine Engine? Which is Better For You?

2-Stroke or 4-Stroke Marine Engine

When it comes to powering your marine vessel, the engine is at the heart of the matter. The efficiency, reliability, and performance of your boat greatly depend on the kind of engine you choose to install. Among the multitude of options available, 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines stand as the two main pillars. But which one … Read more

How to Build a Boat Seat Box (5 Easy Steps)

How to Build a Boat Seat Box

A boat box seat is a simple task to complete. Many seat boxes or bench boxes are fashioned according to the boat’s type and size. A portable seat box can be placed anywhere. The following steps can be generally applied to building any seat box. The following list is a template for a mobile boat … Read more

How Much Do Boat Wraps Cost?

How Much Does Boat Wrap Cost

Wrapping your boat with vinyl sheets is a quick and effective way to protect and refresh its look to reflect your style or brand. Plus, you do a great favor to the environment when you wrap rather than paint your marine vessel. Wrapping a boat is also significantly cheaper than painting it. How much boat … Read more

How Do Noise and Vibration Affect You When Operating a Boat?

How Do Noise and Vibration Affect You When Operating a Boat

Operating a boat can be as challenging as it is rewarding, which is why operators often have to learn to deal with a plethora of unexpected issues, including excessive noise and vibrations. Though seemingly benign (and often unavoidable), boat noise and vibration can have severe negative impacts on your health and safety, which is why … Read more

How To Drive a Pontoon Boat (Simple Guide)

How to drive a pontoon boat

Before taking it out on the water, you must know as much about your new pontoon boat as possible. You’ll also want to practice and review all the controls until you feel confident controlling them on the water. It’s hard work, but you’ll be much safer on the boat. You drive a pontoon boat by … Read more

Where Is It Legal To Tie Up Your Boat? (What To Look For)

Where is it legal to tie up my boat?

One of the worst boating experiences of my life was when a peaceful weekend quickly became a legal nightmare because I tied my boat in the wrong place. Before setting off, you should always check for legal places to tie your boat to avoid making costly mistakes.  It is legal to tie up your boat … Read more

On Gasoline Powered Boats When Should The Blower Be Operated?

There are a lot of mechanisms on a boat that many people don’t know exactly what to do with. One of these is the blower, a fan in the engine compartment. When should the blower on a gas-powered boat be used? On gasoline-powered boats, the blower should be operated after refueling, before starting the engine, … Read more

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