Where Is It Legal To Tie Up Your Boat? (What To Look For)

Where is it legal to tie up my boat?

One of the worst boating experiences of my life was when a peaceful weekend quickly became a legal nightmare because I tied my boat in the wrong place. Before setting off, you should always check for legal places to tie your boat to avoid making costly mistakes.  It is legal to tie up your boat … Read more

On Gasoline Powered Boats When Should The Blower Be Operated?

There are a lot of mechanisms on a boat that many people don’t know exactly what to do with. One of these is the blower, a fan in the engine compartment. When should the blower on a gas-powered boat be used? On gasoline-powered boats, the blower should be operated after refueling, before starting the engine, … Read more

What Should You Do First If Your Boat Runs Aground?

Knowing what to do if a boat runs aground is a crucial piece of information to have as a boat owner. Whether it’s your boat, or the boat of a friend, knowing what to do can help minimize damages, and help get you back to having fun quickly. Remain calm if a boat runs aground. … Read more

How To Remove Yellow Stains From Fiberglass Boat (8 Easy Steps)

How To Remove Yellow Stains From Fiberglass Boat

Boating is a wonderful hobby that can involve the whole family. The cries of laughter from tubing or skiing during a day at the lake will create great memories for the future. The downside of owning a boat is that it requires constant maintenance to look and operate in top shape. Yellow stains are the … Read more

How Much Does A Boat Lift Cost? (Average Prices)

When you get a boat, jet ski, or some other type of water vehicle, you are going to need to get some way to raise it out of the water to protect it. A boat lift is important because it can prevent damage to the boat and dock, reduce water damage, eliminates the likelihood of … Read more

How To Clean Vinyl Boat Seats Of Mildew (Easy Tips!)

How To Clean Vinyl Boat

When vinyl boat seats aren’t properly maintained and cleaned, mold and mildew can form on the surface of the seats. When left to develop, mildew can even spread to the inner foam. When you notice mildew on your vinyl seats, you need to deal with it immediately. However, many boat owners are unsure of how … Read more

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