Where Is The Best Place To Store A Fire Extinguisher On A Boat?

Where Is The Best Place To Store A Fire Extinguisher On A Boat

A fire extinguisher may seem like a mundane piece of equipment to take with you on the water!  In fact, it has contributed to the safety of many who thought the same way.  The United States Coast Guard (USCG) requires that all power watercraft always have a rated fire extinguisher onboard.  But where is the … Read more

Best Place To Put PFDs While You Are Out On Your Boat?

Where Is The Best Place To Put PFDs While You Are Out On Your Boat?

A personal floatation device (PFD) is also known as a life jacket, vest, life belt, life preserver, buoyancy aid, or flotation suit. A PFD is a lifesaving apparatus that prevents drowning through floatation. There are five official classifications of PFDs. PFDs must be within easy reach and unobstructed. Accessibility is imperative. During an emergency, people … Read more

How Should Firearms Be Transported In A Boat? (Proper Way)

How Should Firearms Be Transported In A Boat

How should firearms be transported in a boat? First and foremost, the guns should be unloaded and remain in the same place during the trip. Once you understand that, you’re already ahead of the game. In my experience, I’ve learned that it’s better to arrange for separate transport of guns whenever possible. However, I understand … Read more

How To Bypass A Kill Switch On A Boat

How to bypass a killswitch on a boat?

Driving a boat is truly one of the most exhilarating skills you can learn.  But, on the other hand, owning a boat can be as frustrating as it is fantastic.  Perhaps your sentiments are now skewed in the direction of frustration as you turn the key to start the motor to no avail.  Your friends … Read more

How To Drive A Boat (Understanding The Mechanics)

How To Drive A Boat

Of every new skill I have learned, few are as notably amazing and potentially terrifying as the first time I drove a boat.  I was instantly hooked and eager to learn.  In fact, I am still learning and am now completing my captain’s ticket.  Most of what I know now, I really wish I knew … Read more

How To Launch A Boat (6 Easy Steps)

How To Launch A Boat

Owning a boat creates so many opportunities to spend quality, fun time with your family. It opens up a whole vista of new opportunities, fun activities, new skills, being a role model for your children, or just it could be a way to escape the hustle and bustle of life. Launching your boat is not … Read more

How To Dock A Pontoon Boat (Important Tips!)

How To Dock A Pontoon Boat?

Pontoon boats are notorious for being different in terms of handling compared to standard (monohull) boats. This extends to their handling when docking, and some individuals are frightened at the task. In fact, it is a pretty straightforward task to dock a pontoon boat. What factors are involved? How fast should you go? Must you … Read more

How To Tow A Boat Trailer: (Guide On Trailering)

How To Tow A Boat

When you are trailering a boat, the most important thing is safety. You’ll be traveling with a bunch of boat gear and perhaps a vehicle full of family members. You want to use common sense to ensure all your lights, hookup points, and brakes are all functioning at 100%. The biggest thing, don’t rush and … Read more

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