How To Measure A Boat Steering Cable?

How To Measure A Boat Steering Cable?

Installing a steering cable with the correct length is crucial and requires knowing the type and brand of the cable. People frequently mismeasure their boat’s steering cable. An accurate measurement will save you time, cost, and effort. 1. Identify the Type of Steering Cable for Your Boat Commonly, there are three styles of steering systems. … Read more

How To Build A Casting Deck In An Aluminum Boat? (7 Steps)

How To Build A Casting Deck In An Aluminum Boat

An aluminum boat is inexpensive to maintain, stable in the water, and great for fishing. However, they can be a bit small, and you may find that you struggle to cast from them. However, designing, manufacturing, and installing a plywood casting deck is the solution, and, in fact, it is pretty simple to achieve. Let’s … Read more

How To Get A Title For A Boat Without Title?

How To Get A Title For A Boat Without Title?

Getting a title for a boat has never been an easy process.  The documentation and requirements are constantly changing and vary from state to state.  In this article, we will give an example of the titling process and crucial information that will be necessary to secure your new boat. How To Obtain A Title For … Read more

How To Beach A Boat: (Two Must Know Techniques!)

How To Beach A Boat The Right Way

Few things in life are more majestical than going for a boat ride and finding the perfect picnic spot. Beaching a boat might be necessary for other circumstances, however. Therefore, it is important for any skipper, professional or amateur, to have the ability to beach a boat. There are two ways of securing a boat … Read more

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