How Wide Is a Pontoon Boat?

Pontoons are great to have on those hot summer days, whether you’re hosting a group of people are just a small gathering. Pontoons are known for being rather big boats, which is great when you’re out on the water but can be a challenge when it comes to storing the boat for the winter. So, how wide is a pontoon boat?

A pontoon boat is 10 feet wide, on average. However, pontoons come in many different sizes, ranging from as little as 10 feet in length to over 30 feet. Therefore, the width size can change depending on the boat’s length. However, most pontoons won’t be wider than 12 feet.

The rest of this article will review the average width for different-sized pontoon boats and discuss whether or not a pontoon will fit in a garage. I’ll also go over how to determine which size pontoon is right for you. Let’s get started!

Average Width for Different-Sized Pontoon Boats

Because pontoons come in various sizes, you have to consider the different widths of each sized boat. This is especially important if you have a more narrow storage facility for the boat or just have a lot of gear you like to bring on the boat.

Let’s look at the average width of small, medium, and large pontoon boats.

Small Pontoon Boats

Small pontoon boats are typically any boats below 20 feet long. While there are many sizes below 20 feet long to choose from, the width of the small pontoons typically remains the same.

Most small pontoons are around 8 feet wide. While you can find some that are smaller, 8 feet is the average width for smaller pontoon boats.

Medium Pontoon Boats

Medium pontoons are around 20 to 24 feet long. With a longer length, the boat will naturally have a wider width.

Therefore, you can expect most medium-sized pontoon boats to be around 10 feet wide. Again, this is the average for medium-sized pontoons, so you could find one that’s more or less wide.

Large Pontoon Boats

Pontoons are considered “large” if they’re over 24 feet long. Large pontoons are common for people who often host up to 20 people on their boat, so having a large and wide area is necessary.

Therefore, you can expect a width of 12 feet or more for large pontoons, depending on the exact length of the boat.

What Size Pontoon Boat Is Best for Me?

If you’re in the market for a pontoon boat, the first thing you’re probably trying to determine is which size pontoon you want. While many people will claim the bigger the boat, the better, there are many things to consider before purchasing the biggest pontoon you see — the upkeep and winterizing will be more expensive, and you might not have the space for it.

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Let’s look at some essential considerations when deciding on the right pontoon boat size for you.

Assess the Storage Space for the Pontoon

If you have a garage where you want to store your pontoon, you must measure your garage to determine what size pontoon would fit best. Otherwise, you could come home with a pontoon you intend to store in your garage, only to find out it’s too big.

Additionally, if you plan on storing your pontoon outside, you’ll need to ensure you have the driveway space. An area that’s not in the way of other vehicles or activities is ideal, not only because you won’t have to maneuver around it but also to ensure it won’t get hit and damaged throughout the year.

Consider the Activities You’d Like To Use the Pontoon For

Pontoons come in various sizes for a reason. While boat capacity is the main reason for having a bigger pontoon, certain activities are ideal for the different sizes. Some activities and the size pontoon that’s best for it include:

  • Water sports: This can include tubing or water skiing, and it will typically require a bigger motor, which means a bigger boat. However, that depends on how fast you want the pontoon to go while doing water sports.
  • Fishing: When it comes to fishing, you can have any size pontoon. A medium to large pontoon would be better if you have a bigger group that you like to fish with. However, if you want to fish on your own, a small pontoon would suffice.
  • Leisurely boating: Simply going out on the water and enjoying nature is something many people enjoy doing on their pontoons. If you’re leisurely boating most of the time, you won’t need a bigger motor, so a large pontoon is only necessary if you plan on having big gatherings on the boat. A small or medium-sized pontoon would do just fine in this case.

Contemplate How Many People You’d Like To Have on the Pontoon

Lastly, the amount of people you plan on taking on the pontoon is a significant factor in what size boat you should get. The different sizes can only hold so many people:

  • Small pontoons: Ideal for groups of 3–6 people
  • Medium pontoons: Most medium pontoons can hold up to around 10 people
  • Large pontoons: This size can typically hold groups of 25 people or more

Therefore, if you’ll ever have gatherings with multiple people on the pontoon, it’s best to get a larger size to accommodate them. However, a small or medium-sized pontoon should be fine if you’ll only bring a handful of family or friends along.

Will a Pontoon Boat Fit in a Garage?

To know whether or not a pontoon boat will fit in a garage, you first have to determine the garage’s size and the boat’s size. Pontoons come in various sizes, as do garages, so not every boat will fit in every garage.

Before purchasing a boat, measuring your garage adequately is recommended to ensure it will fit. Otherwise, you might have to store your boat outside of the garage.

Can You Store a Pontoon Boat Outside?

While storing your pontoon inside a garage to protect it against harsh weather conditions is recommended, you can still keep the boat outside if necessary. However, if that’s what you decide to do, there are some recommended precautions.

Keep the Pontoon Off of the Ground

When you store your bought outside, you risk exposing it to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you risk the possibility of corrosion on the underside of the boat.

This is why it’s essential to keep the pontoon off the ground when storing it outside for longer periods. The best thing you can do is leave the pontoon on a trailer to keep it elevated. However, if you need the trailer, you can place the boat on blocks or other materials to keep it off the ground.

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Cover the Pontoon With a Tarp

While keeping it elevated is essential, covering the top of the pontoon is just as important. Otherwise, you risk damage from the rain and sun on the interior of the pontoon boat.

If you’re looking for a tarp for your pontoon, I recommend the Pyle Universal Boat Adjustable Storage Cover from This storage cover will fit any size pontoon boat, and it comes with a handy bag to store the cover in while the boat is in use.

Ensure There Are No Valuables Left on the Pontoon

Lastly, if you store your pontoon outside a locked storage unit or garage, ensuring nothing of value is left on the boat would be a good idea. Not only do you have various animals or insects to worry about, but you also have people to consider. Having something stolen off your boat because it’s not locked away is something no one wants to go through.

What Size Garage Do I Need for a Pontoon Boat?

You need a large enough garage to fit the length of your pontoon boat. Pontoons range from 10 to 30 feet long, so if you have a larger pontoon boat, you’ll need a garage at least 30 feet long to accommodate the vessel.

It’s always better to have some room to spare in your garage when storing your pontoon boat. Having little room left can make it more likely to accidentally damage your boat — which defeats the purpose of storing the boat in a garage. 

Therefore, whether you’re buying a pontoon to fit in your existing garage or building a garage for your boat, ensure you add some wiggle room to avoid possible damage.

Final Thoughts

Pontoon boats come in various lengths, which means not every pontoon will have the same width. However, the average width of a pontoon boat is around 10 feet. While some pontoons can have widths as small as 8 feet, you won’t find many with a width above 12 feet.

Knowing the width of your pontoon is essential for many reasons, including storage and boat capacity. While storing your boat in a garage is ideal and recommended, if the garage doesn’t fit a 12-foot wide boat, you’ll have to take the necessary precautions to store it outdoors.

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